Talks: The School Of Life / Marchmont Street, Bloomsbury

A bookshop in Bloomsbury and also puts on regular talks or ‘Sermons’ from a variety of guest speakers, including Alain De Botton, Prof Robert Winston, Oliver James and Allegra McEvedy, as well as courses, conversation dinners (where you pre-pay for a dinner and are given certain topics to discuss) and breakfast clubs.

Examples include: How To Find A Job You Love, How To Have Better Conversations, How To Read, How To Be Alone, Reclaiming Creativity. Sermons: Alain De Botton on Pessimism, Robert Winston on Curiosity, Charles Leadbetter on Perspective, Sam Roddick on Seduction.

More info & upcoming events:

Watch past Sermons online here. Recommended reading: Alain De Botton - The Consolations Of Philosophy.

Event: How to Spend Time Alone, The School of Life / Central London

"We’ll be exploring what thinkers from Montaigne to Woolf have had to say about the distinction between solitude and loneliness. We’ll ask why being alone can sometimes feel so frightening, and what benefits there might be to overcoming our fears. We’ll consider what we can learn from the practices of hermitage and retreat from the world. And above all, we’ll ask if it’s really possible to be happy in partnerships, in friendships, at work and with family if we can’t also be happy by yourselves?"

Date: Wednesday 16th February - 18.30 - 21.30

Location: The School of Life, 70 Marchmont Street, WC1 1AB

More details: here

Talk: Ken Robinson on Passion / the School Of Life


I would recommend this for anyone feeling a little lost in life, lacking in passion or at a career crossroads. Takeaways:

* it’s kind of massively random that the circumstances for you to be born came about in the first place, and you’ve got this far, so what are you going to do with this life you have?

* it would make sense to do something you love, to be in your element - as many  musicians, writers, entrepreneurs etc are, they happened to chance upon discovering they love and they have a natural ability for, not all do chance upon it but have to search a little harder - to be in your element includes 1) doing something you are good at and 2) you love doing

* life is not necessarily linear, it’s more a random chaotic series of events we have to navigate

* the clue to where your passions lie is feeling energized or uplifted, rather than lulled

* the Dalai Lama sounds like a pretty cool guy

More info: The School Of Life | Ken Robinson website | watch more talks from KR on TED

Talk: 14th May - The School Of Life Live @ Union Chapel, Islington

"We’ve condensed the very best of The School of Life’s classes and highlights from our new book series into six high-impact lessons…

…You won’t get quick-fixes or easy answers. But we can guarantee mind-expanding conversations and fresh perspectives will leave you feeling energized, inspired and ready to put your learning into action.”


  • Roman Krznaric is a writer, lifestyle thinker, empathy expert and author of The School of Life’s new book How to Find Fulfilling Work.
  • Philippa Perry is a psychotherapist best known for her graphic novel, Couch Fiction, and author of The School of Life’s new book How to Stay Sane.
  • John Armstrong is a writer, philosopher, Melbourne Business School’s first Philosopher-in-Residence and author of The School of Life’s new book How to Worry Less about Money.
  • John-Paul Flintoff is a writer, broadcaster, activist and author of The School of Life’s new book How to Change the World.
  • Tom Chatfield is a writer, commentator, technology theorist and author of The School of Life’s new book How to Thrive in a Digital Age.
  • Alain de Botton is an internationally acclaimed writer, philosopher and author of The School of Life’s new book How to Think More about Sex.

Tickets: £20 | Info: here