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Written by Robert Popper (former commissioning editor at Channel 4 and producer of Peep Show). From the Evening Standard

The series has its roots in Popper’s time as a Channel 4 commissioner, when he backed hits such as Black Books and Bremner, Bird and Fortune. He regaled colleagues with stories of visits home with his brother for the traditional Jewish Friday night dinner. They told him he should do something with the tales some day.

Ritter, the father of the Goodman family who drinks ketchup straight from the bottle and wanders the house topless, is based on Popper’s own dad. The writer told how when Mr Popper saw the preview, he said: “Yes, that’s me.”

Most is pure invention: “I’m not writing my family, it’s vaguely like my family. There’s something that happens with grandma and a dog that definitely didn’t happen in real life.”P

Popper explains some of his top ‘familyisms’ here. For entertainment, comedy, prank calls and random musings visit Robert Popper’s blog at

Watch: iChanged The World / Channel 4 OD

The story of Steve Jobs.


Watch: Father Ted / Channel 4OD

There was a documentary with the writers of Father Ted following them around Ireland recently on More 4. It’s not on Channel 4OD yet, but you can watch all 3 series of Father Ted on there for free

Watch: here

Watch: What Makes A Masterpiece? / Channel 4OD

Neuro-marketing = scary prospect. But interesting program looking at what elements make a good film, story etc. There’s one guy who says that there are basically 7 universal story themes which all books/stories ever written have been based around. They also do lots of brain scans to measure how our brains react to certain film scenes and see which bits we find scariest and they show the difference between men and women’s brain responses to a James Bond film. 

Watch: here

Watch: Whose Line Is It Anyway? / Channel 4OD player

You can watch ALL 4 SERIES of the original Whose Line Is It Anyway? with Clive Anderson online for free on Channel 4OD. All funny, but those with Ryan Stiles are the best.

Watch: here